Saturday, March 17, 2018

A Stitch In Time

Hi Dear Folk,

For all those in the group Dress Like Your Grandma, you might enjoy watching this a series from the BBC A Stitch In Time.  Enjoy!

Dog Cottage, Norfolk

Hi Dear Folk,

Dog Cottage Norfolk.

There is nothing like planning a trip to lift ones spirits in the doldrums of winter.

I am so excited.  Well have got lots of good travel coming up and this is just one of my excursions while visiting England in August.  I have booked an AirBNB for my sister, hubby and I at Dog Cottage in Norfolk.  The brick and flint of this old cottage is traditional to this area.

My sister is very happy because the cottage is dog friendly and she has a lab, and how could a cottage called Dog Cottage not be dog friendly?

A town on the coast that I have wanted to visit is Well-next-the Sea, I'm sure we will get there.  I'm hoping for cozy pub lunches, or evening dinners, a good beer, afternoon teas and walks along the beach, as well as a boat ride on the Norfolk Broads.  Just relaxing and spending time with my sister.

When I was a child we always took two camping holidays.  One would be for two weeks and we would go to Scotland, Wales or Cornwall, somewhere further away and then for the one week long vacation we would stay much closer to home and Norfolk was one of the counties we would visit, along that East Anglia Coast including Suffolk and Essex coastal towns.


Friday, March 16, 2018

Where Am I From?

Hi Dear Folk,

I love family stories that have been handed down.  Such as my dad's, mum's, father's side of the family were thought to be Huguenots who came over after the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre and settled in the East End of London and were shoe makers for generations.  Making hand made shoes for the theatre actors.  The shoemaker part is true because my great uncle Alf was taught the trade, although he played the clarinet and was more musical so didn't really pursue it.  He played with the band on the old Queen Mary.  Also their last name was thought to have been an  Anglicized French name, so is that true or not?

I may never know the answers to those questions unless I get my cousin Jeff on the job he is number one ancestry bloodhound.  Tracing my mum's, dad's side of the family all the way back to early 1400's, Amazing to see written papers and signed wills of ones ancestors still archived and in existence.  To stand on the very Suffolk green, where the family fortune was auctioned off, because of running fowl of some very unscrupulous church clerics who disputed that our family had not paid the correct tithes to the church and of course the church won and our young relative being in his early twenties, who had just inherited when his father died was silly, taking things to court.  He just didn't handle it properly.  They went within two generations of being totally literate in the 1500s, writing documents and signing wills to being illiterate, that's what money or the lack of money will do for you.

Having said all that, I have sprung for the DNA testing kit.  Is this just a big come on or not?  What are your thoughts?  Has anyone done it?  I have wanted to do it for a long while.

We will see, will keep you posted.  Hope there are no skeletons in the closet, or can one possibly say that anymore when nothing seems to be hidden.

Have more exciting travel news but that will wait for another post.

Have a great weekend.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Dress Like Your Grandma! - What Does Grandma Have to do with Witness For The Prosecution?

Hi Dear Folk,

Did you watch Witness For The Prosecution on Acorn?  I thought it was very well done, remember the older version with Marlene Dietrich?

This is the character Alice Mayhew sitting in her kitchen, so typical of the time.  Her husband's fortunes change after solving or not solving the case and here they are on vacation in Trouville, France.

As soon as I saw this dress I just fell in love with it.  Such simple lines, with the yellow stripe fabric and contrasting wide band, with the stripe picked up again at the bottom.  I could see this in a linen.

Notice the hand stitching around the neck.

And picked up on the edge of the sleeves.  This was set after WWI so we are possibly looking at early twenties.  I took these photos off the TV so quality is not that good, but you get the idea.

I ran across this pattern on eBay it is a copy of an original and not all the parts are there, but isn't it unique, I like the yoke, coming across and then down the front of the dress in one piece.  I may splurge out for this, as I can't find anything I like as much and would be authentic, the pattern is dated 1921.  Note the half belt, which I think can be worn either across the front, or across the back of the dress.

These photos were taken in the countryside around Sible Hedingham, Essex, England.

Here is a picture of my grandma, mum's mum circa 1925 so a tad later but not much.  The original photos are not too good.  Kitty Edith was born in 1906 so was about nineteen years old in these photos.  Note the yoke front piece and the half belt.

Here is grandma again with Basil my granddad.  She has a clutch purse tucked under her arm.  The other girls are quite stylish in their cloche hats, on the back of the photo grandma wrote that she was sporting a bob.

Why am I posting all these 1920's dress photos, well I have decided to join Tanya at her blog Mrs Hughes for the Dress Like Your Grandma Sewing Challenge.

It should be fun.  Now I've got to get that pattern, pull out the sewing machine and get going.


Broken Branches

Hi Dear Folk,

Thank you for stopping by and I want to express my appreciation for all the lovely comments that you leave.

Wednesday is my day off, I was going to get my taxes done, but found out you can get help in doing them at our public library for free, so cancelled the appointment, it would have been bit of a trek too. The last couple of years a friend who was a tax accountant did them, what with Rob's college, ACA, etc, etc, I found them all a bit overwhelming to do myself, I used to.  Now I am just so done with paperwork, and taxing my brain, excuse the pun, that any help I can get is great.

This morning I was tidying up the kitchen and saw that the compost pot was full, so put on my garden shoes and trekked over to empty it into our composter, when I saw the devastation of those heavy snow storms on my bushes, I fear the hybrid garden St Johns wort will never be the same because a whole center branch has broken off.  It puts out such pretty yellow puff ball flowers and the bees love them.  I noticed Mr. B. had taken it over to the fallen branch pile, but had not informed me, I guess he knew I would be upset.  What a mess it is out there.  Can't wait for spring and to get stuck into the big clean up and planting.

It is quite bitterly cold and I see we are to have our fourth nor'easter later today and mostly tomorrow, I might just take a PTO day, so fed up of sitting on cold railway platforms for hours waiting for a train.

My friend asked me to feed her cat while she is away, she has an alarm on her house and it freaks me out.  The darn thing went off because even though I was punching the code in, it wouldn't take it, one last go keying it in and the alarm stopped, so think all is well and didn't get any follow up with the security company.  Then I couldn't reset the alarm when I left because having triggered the alarm, the green light didn't show and didn't know how to reset it. So I left and just locked up.  When Mr. B. got home we went over and he figured out how to reset it and get the green light on so we could arm the alarm again.  What a to do.  They have a Persian, quite a cutey, poor thing did not want me to leave, I felt like bringing him home.

Do you have a lot of wires and chargers?  It seams that every device needs a different charger, I now keep them all on the table in front of the TV, so I can find them easily, I think I'll put them in a little basket.  I have a Fire and Mr. B. has my old Fire and do you think they can take the same charger, no.  Camera chargers, phone charger, Mac charger, iPad charger, and there must be more.  Is life simpler or more complicated?

Ventured out into the sun porch which has not been used over the winter.  My mandelvilla and geraniums may actually stagger out of the sun porch into spring and live to bloom another day.  The Tahitian wedding veil is looking great.  Even the calla lilies in the basement are still living, waiting for spring.

Was able to sort out a few boxes in the basement and gets some things thrown out, every little bit helps.  I even found a small bag I had bought in Hawaii and had wanted to use at the beach, but couldn't find it.  After helping Joni sort through her house, I realize it is not good to leave it to when you are not in a position to do it yourself.


Monday, March 12, 2018

De-Cluttering and Plans

Hi Dear Folk,

If I was to tell you how many times I have tidied up and painted our basement, it is far too many.  In fact there's been more attention down there than any other room in the house when it comes to painting, I think it's because it is old and slightly damp and it needs a new coat about every three years.

Yesterday we were down there doing yet another sort out in one area, it never got back to where it was after The Boy moved back from college and dumped all his stuff down there and set up his desk down there, and stores his summer Miata tires down there, repairs his bikes down there and builds stereo stuff down there.  You get the idea.  Plans I had are now out the window and Mr. B. said he was not painting the basement one more time, but he did help me clean and sort yesterday, just one quadrant.

We need to have a yard sale this spring, more sorting in basement and the garage.

I have plans for the garden, one being that I want to re-do my vegetable garden.  I am not in love with the breeze blocks surrounding the gardens.  I've been watching too much Big Dreams, Small Gardens, it's on Netflix and I can't wait for the next season to be released. My Idea is to take all my bricks and make it into a meandering narrow path down the one side of my garden, then either side of the path I want to put big pots, will see what I come up with, maybe like the Vietnamese pots I already have.  That's the idea but as we know a garden is a journey I think I read that in Nan's Blog.

I do not want to get rid of the breeze blocks as everything is an asset, so would like to have a go at adding a mosaic on one side and laying them to make a floor for a garden gazebo tent. but that's all in my mind and will see if and how that comes to fruition and whether my knees hold up to the job.


Friday, March 9, 2018

Wonders of Water, Philadelphia Flower Show

Hi Dear folk,

I wanted to go to the flower show but just wasn't excited to do so and I felt that I should have been.  Maybe it was the weather this week and the long trek backwards and forwards to work, maybe I was over tired.  I had wanted to go earlier in the week but couldn't take off until today.  I only spent half the time there that I spent at last year's flower show.

The theme was the Wonders of Water and I guess I had in mind that there would be lots of water features, there were but possibly not as many as there were last year, when the theme was Holland.  It was more about the ecology of water and our limited resource of water and how it is effected by climate change.

I was a little disappointed this year, but maybe that was more to do with me.  If I had had more energy to read all the signage along with each exhibit would have helped.  Earlier in the week would have been less crowded too.  Although I do think that last year was better.  I did get to try out my new camera.

Here is a little view of the flower show.

An outdoor wedding.

Had to take a picture of the Stella Artois vendor.

This spectacular rain forest presentation is what greats you at the main entrance and it was beautiful.

I took far less photos than last year and this will be my one and only posting on the show.


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Nor'easter Snow Day

Hi Dear Folk,

Love snow days when you can stay at home, Mr. B, The Boy and I.  Snow day mornings always feel so good, the whole day stretches ahead with promise.  By late afternoon, it's all coming to an end and there's a feeling of finality.  Lazy crochet day at home.

Friend gave me this Caribbean Rum Cake, these are good.  She was away on a cruise and this is the gift Maria brought back for me.

Tuppy looking for her great escape.  Love this boy, now a man, what a joy he is.

Playing Judy Garland.

Now this she is a warrior female. feisty and friendly.

A friend is moving into an apartment and selling up her house.  It all comes at the right time, she has been through a lot, hospital, nursing home, hospital, physio.  We have been helping her to pack up, there is a lot to pack and sort, a lifetime.  This beehive clock is one of the items that she gave to me.  An old Seth Thomas, CT.

My dear one Mr. B. making his specialty, chocolate chip cookies.

They are just so perfect and with a mug of coffee, yummy.

A friend invited me over for lunch and then we went out thrifting.  At our last stop we found this, almost complete dinner service, I thought from the 1950's but it is earlier than that circa 1930.  Made in Czechoslovakia, Royal Ivory, Windsor.  It seems the company exported to shops like Macy's from 1924 to 1939.

Led astray, because a china addict needs very little encouragement to succumb to a bargain.  Bad associations will destroy an addicts resolution.

Always like square plates very Deco.

The shape of this gravy boat is different and with the flowers inside, so sweet.  I guess it could be used for custard too.

I think the set is just missing the bottom of the sugar bowl, I have the lid, the top to the circular vegetable dish and the teapot, possibly it also had a coffee pot, as there are little demi tasse cups or espresso cups.

Very pretty.

Finished another Cape Ann shawl, this is such a nice pattern, and made a hat to match, will finish the other hat today, somewhat like the one in the picture below, but modified.  A combination of two patterns.  I always have to give things my own spin, or wouldn't be fun otherwise.

Our nor'easter.

Days end.

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